Club Penguin Times #549: Upcoming Events

With the release of every Club Penguin Times issue, Club Penguin provides us with an upcoming events column. Included therein are the release dates for forthcoming parties, catalogs, and much more. Occasionally, Club Penguin will replace 'Upcoming Events' with 'Island Rumors'. There's not too many upcoming events this week, but lets take a look a below anyways, shall we?

Club Penguin Times #549: Upcoming Events

  • May 28 - Hamburger Day: It's not clear if you're meant to eat a hamburger or be a hamburger. But have fun!
  • June 8 - Zootopia Update: Welcome even more friends to the island! 
  • June 8 - Furniture and Igloo Catalog: See all the latest modern igloo conveniences in the catalog!

That's all about the upcoming events from Club Penguin Times #549!

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