Club Penguin Furniture Codes

Occasionally, Club Penguin releases Club Penguin codes. In fact, there's over a hundred codes presently that unlock over 100,000 coins, over thirty clothing items, and over three furniture codes. The codes listed on this particular page are Club Penguin Furniture Codes. Get unlocking with our easy step by step instructions, provided codes, and descriptive pictures that give you a glimpse at what you're going to redeem.

Club Penguin Furniture Codes

BOAFESTA (Holiday Wreath + 500 coins)

BEARS418 (10 Koi Ponds + 10 Mossy Logs)

R3YES014 (Presents)

How to Unlock Club Penguin Codes

Need help unlocking any number of the Club Penguin Codes offered on Club Penguin Codez? No worries because we have your back with our 'How to Unlock Club Penguin Codes' page where you can unlock the furniture codes given above. Once you've unlocked a Club Penguin Code you won't have to visit this page because it's the same process. If you've unlocked a code before, then you're good to go. Start unlocking and before you know it you're become a rich penguin.
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