How to Unlock Club Penguin Codes

Need help unlocking any number of the Club Penguin Codes offered on Club Penguin Codez or from Club Penguin merchandise? No worries because we have your back with our 'How to Unlock Club Penguin Codes' page that gives you an easy step by step walkthrough on how to unlock items, coins, and much more below. 

Step 1. Go to the main Club Penguin website, scroll down, and click on the 'Unlock Items' button. 

Step 2. Login with your penguin name and password or create a penguin if you haven't done so already.

Step 3. You have two options; however, as you're unlocking a Club Penguin code you'll select the 'I've got a Code' button.

Step 4. Enter in a code from our Club Penguin Codes list in the white text box.

Step 5. Click 'Next' to redeem your item and/or coins. Your reward will automatically be added to your inventory. Click 'Enter another code' to enter more codes or 'Play now!' to go to Club Penguin and check out for yourself the freebies you just redeemed.

That's all about how to unlock Club Penguin codes. Once you've unlocked a Club Penguin Code you won't have to visit this page because it's the same process every time with the exception of book codes. If you've unlocked a code before, then you're good to go.